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» Comics - Broken Down on Memory Lane - September 17th, 2007, 4:00 am

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Author Comments:

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User Comments:

The mysterius stranger (Guest), September 17th, 2007, 4:56 am

Ooo so it was this that happen on the brige!

Andrea Kenobi, September 17th, 2007, 7:27 am

*chuckles* Wow, this is so messed up

KiraKiller_715 (Guest), September 17th, 2007, 7:32 am

Not really surprised, no matter how well i trained her, Bastila ALWAYS..SUCKED! Not to mention how repetetive her dark-side speeches were..*sigh* How she became a Jedi..I'll never know

wtf (Guest), September 17th, 2007, 3:05 pm

how are they unconsuis oh now i get it

I like Custard Creams, September 17th, 2007, 4:39 pm


noname (Guest), September 17th, 2007, 4:50 pm

the revan mask just isnt cool on candy with that hairdo

Lite Side o' d Force, September 17th, 2007, 5:59 pm


Left_hands, September 17th, 2007, 6:49 pm


Keldorn (Guest), September 18th, 2007, 1:12 am

Tada nice story twitch.

@KiraKiller_715: Because she had the force

Deuterium_Dawn, September 18th, 2007, 1:17 am

Malak was playing tetris. Bastila doesn't have an excuse.

KiraKiller_715 (Guest), September 18th, 2007, 3:56 am

Tetris? Well...Then..A-OKAY! HE SHOULD BE PLAYING TETRIS! He musta' trying to get the...his...highscore on it,wouldn't take long but,for him,yeah.

Zayne (Guest), September 18th, 2007, 4:41 pm

That makes a horrible, twisted, kind of sense...Wow! I can admire comics like that.

Keeper Of Kobolds (Guest), September 18th, 2007, 5:02 pm

The troof will set us giggling!
Classic. So...NEITHER of them were Revan! This makes so much sense now!

It also explains why Candy likes muffins and cookies so much....

therumbunnies (Guest), September 19th, 2007, 10:37 am

Holy pants... Wow...

Mr Tenacious (Guest), September 22nd, 2007, 8:37 am

she should have kept her sweet hair!

Darth Xados (Guest), September 22nd, 2007, 4:20 pm

Wait a minute...
Let me get this straight: Neither of them is Darth Revan? Runt's father was Revan all along, and Malak is a blind, armless, jaw-less idiot?
...Strangely, I'm not surprised... Are any of you?

revan pwns (Guest), October 2nd, 2007, 8:11 pm

im not suprised either..i wonder.....

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