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» Comics - Does this suit make me look...? - June 8th, 2006, 5:43 am

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Author Comments:

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User Comments:

Guest, June 8th, 2006, 6:54 am

Very nice! :-D

Nina (Guest), June 8th, 2006, 10:03 am

When will Candy acknowledge she's fat?

Nenichan (Guest), June 8th, 2006, 4:55 pm

Oh, he's just mean...

((No, I lied. He's right...))

WinterOnasi, June 8th, 2006, 5:54 pm

Fat,*and* slow! Candy's having a bad envirosuit day, I guess.

Darth Anomalous (Guest), June 9th, 2006, 2:26 pm

Who made this, by the way?

Hey, maybe Candy is the chef... because you know they say that fat chefs are the best ones!

Mez (Guest), June 9th, 2006, 5:11 pm

Runt's just lucky Candy can't take out her lightsaber underwater ;D

RD (Guest), June 9th, 2006, 5:21 pm

I hated those things. You move so darn slow!

Guest, June 10th, 2006, 9:50 am

You move waaaaaay to slow. KOTOR2 they took pity on us and made 'em faster.

O.o (Guest), June 11th, 2006, 11:34 pm

You know, if you put them side by side he looks fatter than she does . . .

Hmn, maybe it's an optical illusion.

Nina (Guest), June 13th, 2006, 3:13 pm

Actually, O.o, if you put them side by side, the way the Envirosuits bulge, Candy looks like she's pregnant!

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