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» Comics - How to Settle Arguments - January 1st, 2010, 7:52 am

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Author Comments:

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User Comments:

Jedigal16, January 1st, 2010, 3:31 pm

that is so true. :) Of course, even worse is how teenage girls settle arguements. You tease each other until one person developes an eating disorder.XD I wonder when word will get around the ship that a there is a cat fight going on?

Darth Pietro (Guest), January 1st, 2010, 7:04 pm


my guess is about twelve seconds

fallenfate (Guest), January 1st, 2010, 7:35 pm

I wouldn't even give it that long.

Kuragari, February 27th, 2010, 1:46 pm

The first one is only half true.

Some guys will do that, and others will have a fight that lasts five minutes, leaving both of them battered, bruised, and bleeding. Then they will laugh and high five each other, and be best friends forever.

Girls on the other hand are vindictive. They will remeber you forever, and will always want to tear your heart out of your chest cavity... is it Women dont rule the world?

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