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August 20th, 2009, 4:13 pm

About the TOR...

So the first thing I did, on the way back home after being released as a missionary and formally allowed to use the internet to my heart's content, was hop on my dad's Blackberry and whip onto this very site to see how you all were doing.

The next day, with the first available internet time I had, I slid onto Google and typed in "Kotor 3". Because I want that game. Do you know what I found? This.

Well, you might notice that this isn't an official site. So I did a little more exploring and found out that apparently, Kotor 3 will in fact simply be TOR - that is, The Old Republic. Apparently all of the Knights are gone...

I just finished watching the Clone Wars animated film (more on that later) and, geared up and ready to see some more fun Star Wars CGI fun, decided to re-watch the wonderful TOR trailer, which is delightful (except for the part where it goes a little Matrix - that was weird for a Star Wars movie). This soon led me to a few video documentaries and some ingame footage. I have to say, I'm impressed.

I know that some out there might be a little cautious about the concept of a Mass Multiplayer Kotor (we'll call it a MMK for now), but I think the idea's wonderful - after all, what setting could be better? You can play as whatever you want, be it Sith, Jedi, Bounty Hunter or Smuggler, or deranged Hutt, or weasley minion, or service droid, or angry customer at the cantina, or drunk Twi'lek, or the guy that cleans up after the Rancor, or - you get the point. (And before anyone corrects me, yes I know that not many of those options will actually be available. Don't spoil my fun.)

Basically, it'll be cool. And from the looks of things, with the large element of choice and personal storyline they're talking about, I don't think you'll have to spend any more time with other people than you want to. A friend from the Galactic Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Gizka has expressed some fears about being forced to play this next chapter of the Kotor era with a bunch of loud ten-year olds for company. This seems like it will NOT be a problem. I'm not sure how 'personal' things can be and still be an MMO, but from what I saw in the documentaries, players will take their happy little Non Player Characters out for adventures just like always. So perhaps there'll be an option for those of us who prefer the cruel, cold HK-47 to a warm and fuzzy Timothy Loffhagen who is pretending to be a Wookiee. Or, if you'd prefer, take along your pals and go for a good romp in the woods outside the Jedi Temple together.

In fact, there'll probably be some kind of TK clan for anyone who wants to join. But we'll worry about that later.

The point is, I love KOTOR. And I'm excited for another beautiful chapter, especially if it means doing it with friends on the net this time, because that'll just make things more fun :)



Vagrant Samurai (Guest), August 20th, 2009, 5:53 pm

We'll see if your TK Clan can take out my Clan. (Unlikely)
^_^ DJ Upgraded. ;D

Surfersquid, August 21st, 2009, 1:33 pm

Oh, I'm sure TOR will give you tons of new material for this comic.

The whole "loud ten-year-old" thing may not be as much of a problem since it's pay-to-play. At least you'll only have to deal with loud ten-year-olds-who-somehow-convince-their-parents-to-shell-out-thirty-bucks-a-month. And those make up only a small percentage of the loud-ten-year-old demographic.

Loud thirty-five-year-olds, on the other hand...

But I digress. I wasn't actually planning on getting the game, but the plausibility of joining a TK clan intrigues me. Maybe I'll actually have a steady enough source of income when it comes out for it to be feasible.

Okay, I've made this comment way too long.

I'll end with this: nice new banner!

InverseReality (Guest), September 1st, 2009, 12:12 am

Guild Time
Canny, we totally have to make a TK clan!

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