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August 5th, 2006, 12:07 pm

And I'm Back

I love the internet. My week away has proven this to me.

The net is a tool that can be used to display and medium, and the right audience will always find it. Bands like the Arctic Monkeys have gained fame and fortune by giving the world their music for free, anyone who always wanted to be an artist can stick it up online, and Youtube has given any amateur filmakers the ability to be seen worldwide without having to be endorsed by penny-pinching Hollywood executives. Mini subcultures can form with their own celebrities and leaders, and finally the world is truly becoming a unified place.

Suffice to say, I've missed the soothing hum of my processor and the blinking lights of my modem.

News for those who don't visit the forum - I'll soon be producing a book of all the comics in the current series that you can buy - it'll be a kind of Special Edition, with a number of extra comics that won't appear online.

It probably won't come out until after the current series has concluded in early September.

Madolin of The Adventures of Darth Mad has agreed to write a Foreward introducing the collection, so you should all look forward to it and get ready to type in your credit/debit card numbers.

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