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ยป News Archives - Interview with Cat Taber! (The voice of Mission Vao)

February 11th, 2007, 10:03 am

Interview with Cat Taber! (The voice of Mission Vao)

So on a whim, I emailed Ms Taber, asking if she'd be willing to record a sound clip for us - you know, something like "I'm Mission Vao, and when I'm not saving the galaxy or playing Pazaak, I'm reading Totally Kotor!"

She sent me a message back, saying that she unfortunately couldn't, because of legal ramifications - it's a Lucasarts character, there's some kind of union thing, etc etc.

I managed to, istead, talk her into answering a few questions, if I do so through her agent.

So either post questions for her here, on the forum, or email me at

Make it quick, though, because I'm anxious to get this rolling!


Dan (Guest), February 11th, 2007, 10:51 pm

Wow that's crazy cool . . . anyway, Ms. Taber, what's it like working with a wookie?

But seriously, what was recording like, did you have to record a lot of little soundbytes (for various things she said during gameplay), were you clued in on the plot twists before recording, what were the other cast members like, and did you get to meet George?

Please answer because this is too good an opprotunity to pass up. Thank you for your time, and kotor, thanks for the great comics, keep it up!

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