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March 1st, 2006, 3:40 am


I absolutely love my HK-47. That may seem a bit proud, but I really love it. Considering that it took very little work on my part, and that the basic idea of the character is Bioware's, and I'm just making formulaic, totally typical jokes that anyone could think of (Everyone from VG Cats to...some other people I can't think of right now, has featured an HK) think that the credit isn't really mine to give myself anyway.

I recently discovered a great way of drawing Kotor characters in a more serious way - still cartoony, but less so, with more accurate body proportions. And, of course, a pencil rather than a computer. Totally Kotor (which I shall now refer to as TK to save time and avoid Carpal Tunnel syndrome) is all built on a happy little school computer, and so I do tend to worry that nobody'll believe that I can actually draw. Well I can. Honest.

This new style I've been developing (pictures soon) seems perfectly suited to a young Darth Malak, but very little else (If anyone has absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, too bad). So you can all await a portait of an angst-ridden Malak, possibl worrying about entering the ruins on Dantooine.

Atton works quite well too, so I'll be focusing on honing this skill over the coming weeks.

MY coursework for school is almost all finished - just Psychology left. In fact, I'm supposed to be doing it right now, but what the heck?

One more thing - I managed to get hold of the fantastic second issue of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic book - the actual one, not my crummy little cute thing. Maybe I'm just suffering from low self esteem, but it should keep me from getting a big head. If you actually think I'm being hard on myself and TK is actually decent, feel free to tell me (that there is a traditional artist trick to getting more praise - think that your work is rubbish and people will tell you otherwise. Please do so.)

Yes, so, this official comic. It's great. The start was fantastic and...well, I'll put this in a small text to avoid spoiling it for those who plan on reading it, seeing Master Vandar on Dantooine was great. When Zayne's mother was asking about whether or not the Sith were truly gone, I realised that even in the time of the normal comic, rather than "the past", the Sith haven't returned. They think they're extinct. It gives me a pretty new spin on everything - a world that doesn't know Revan will fall. I like the idea of them retracing their steps, but if they're now heading to the undercity, I have the sneaking suspicion that they might end up visiting a familiar list of planets - Tatooine, Manaan, Kashyyyk and Korriban, before heading to Dantooine? I'd like to see them at some point run off to the Mandalorian wars.

Well, the bell just rang, so I've got to move. Later.


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