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March 2nd, 2006, 7:06 am

More stuff.

We've been working on a Star Wars film at church - in our Tuesday night youth activities, not actually during the Sunday services. I play the Sidious fella, and if you ask me, I do it pretty well. But that’s just me being boastful. When it’s finally finished, I’ll pop it up somewhere and link to it, just in case anybody wants to watch myself and my friends beating each other with plastic golf clubs.

Do you ever get that horrible, gut churning feeling that you’re inadequate? Hmm. It’s not quite like that, it’s more like the whole “I wish I was someone completely different, who isn’t quite so inadequate” feeling. I’m expecting to get some of that tomorrow night. You see, there’s a church dance tomorrow. I tend to try to get involved, but some of my friends…uh. Standing by the wall for 3 hours is their entire plan for the evening. One particular friend quite enjoys getting into the dance, taking a look around, then doubting whether or not he exists. So he’ll wander around the car park for several hours. This doesn’t make things very fun for me.

On a note that’s in some way related to the comic…I like T3. T3 looks just as good, if not better, than HK – but as HK’s a lot funnier, I’d say he’s my favourite of the characters.

I decided to leave it on a cliffhanger for a while, so as Bastila, HK and that other guy are torn apart by the Krayt Dragon, that unnamed girl is chatting which Carth, Juhani, T3 and Canderous. Oh, and Mission. She might even – ooh, there’s an idea. Zaalbar strip coming soon.

I quite like writing the Bastila’s mother comics. She’s a fun character, and the relationship between her and that guy – alright. That does it. They need names.

Okay, a competition – Submit your suggestions for the 2 main characters’ names. Best names will be selected based solely on the basis of who gives me the biggest bribe. Or, failing that, the best name.


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