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March 4th, 2006, 12:35 pm

Many Thanks

Last Sunday, I stuck a hitcounter up on the site, just to see how I was doing. My last website, the now defunct (the link doesn't work, but you can still reach the main attraction of the site - a 3 minute Star Wars flash movie - at got about 50 hits a month if I was lucky. I was staggered to discover that this website was getting a high of 80 hits a day.

I suspected that most of these hits were due to myself, re-checking that everything worked, so on Friday, I chose not to visit the site at all (as a result, I'll have an extra few comics to upload on Monday - don't miss them!) to see how things were going without me. So I just checked the counter, and the result floored me.

402 hits.

402 hits in under a week. This is absolutely stunning. If I were a more finance-driven individual, I'd take advantage of all you kind people and stick up some paid banners. But I like you too much (that's not to say that I won't do so if I decide to move the comic to a fancy domain name, just to cover the costs) to waste your time and bandwidth like that.

So thankyou very much for visiting my site.

I'd also like to say thanks to all of the people who have rated my comics - especially "augest" who was kind enough to give me all 5s and say that it was one of the best thing on SmackJeeves (this may not be the case for much longer - I'm working on a new site and anybody with good webbuilding experience who'd like to help out for free, email me at

So thankyou all.

CA (CA, by the way, stands for Canaan Aphettu, my alias on the many Kotor websites I post and advertise on. I decided to start signing like this because it's similar to Tycho's method on Penny Arcade, and it's fun to imitate our superiors).

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