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ยป News Archives - Korriban!

March 8th, 2006, 6:27 am


The crew have now arrived on the Sith Homeworld of Korriban, an evil place full of evillness and evil...stuff. The basic plot of this planet - everyone searches for evil thingies, while battling Sith and infiltrating their ranks. And funny stuff ensues.

A Lot Like Life is coming along nicely, if a little slowly, and I'm worried about the future of the comics. After May, I finished full time education and, at this time, will lose access to Macromedia Flash, the program I'm using to build both comics - TK is totally Flash based, while ALLL is hand-drawn and then made pretty using Flash. After May I might not be able to make any more comics. Horror.

So if anyone has a spare copy of Flash lying around, be it MX or 4, or anywhere in between, I'm desperately in need of it, so please email me at Thanks.

A few details on what ALLL will be like - it's the typical format: 2 guys, and a wacky array of other characters, in this case a chicken and a little dragon. Fun fun. Coming soon.


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