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March 17th, 2006, 3:59 am

Choices, Choices

Because of my new system, wherin I only post one comic a day, I have now almost finished Korriban, while you suckers are still only half way through it (if I do say so myself, it gets quite dramatic towards the end). So now I'm faced with a choice - move to Manaan, or Kashyyyk. While I'd like to get Jolee into it as quickly as possible, I'm worried about leaving the most boring world until last.

I guess I'll go to Kashyyyk. Any excuse to have an old, bald man telling everyone war storied.

Another thing I've been considering recently is what to do in the way of a second comic - ALLL is taking too long, and I think I'd rather use a program I can use at home to build it, rather than being stuck only editing it at school and not having time for TK. So I've been considering a spin-off. Coming soon (spoiler), Yuthura's going to end up being redeemed. Now I've been thinking about creating a comic for her, called Yuthura's Bakery, where she opens a cake shop in downtown Sleheyron - her home town. Joining her in her escapades will be an Ithorian and a Hutt, and they'll have a cute little pet baby Tarentatek called Terry.

So if you read the above paragraph, with tiny text and all, and you want to give some suggestions to me about whether or not I should do this, or any ideas for zany characters, let me know at (Unless your last name is Morrison, in which case you can just tell me in person). I will not, however, feature any of your happy little Player Characters from Kotor or Kotor II - no humans, and no characters with long or real names (ie, nobody called Forustanta Norriama etc, or anyone called Thomas, or any variatoin thereof, etc). But if you think "There should be a Dug in it. I like Dugs", or "They should have a crazy landlord who keeps trying to blow up the shop for tax purposes" (hey - that's not a bad idea!), let me know.

(Also, if you've created a little character you use as a mascot on a forum or somesuch, as long as it's Star Warsy, I'll consider it for a place in the comic).

Back to TK, I hope you're all enjoying it, and many thanks to those who've voted and commented. Please feel free to comment on comics you like - I don't tend to comment myself, because it gets in the way, but whatever. Apparently guests can comment (I don't know how), so if you've wandered in from some Star Wars forum somewhere, feel free to struggle and try to figure out how to do it.

Also, I need more publication, so please, please, stick up links on various forums that you visit, ie the Lucasarts forum, unnoficial Kotor forums,,, etc etc. I won't go around publicising it (any more than I already have) because I don't like the idea of signing up just to advertise, as it's really annoying for regulars. In my home forum, we generally tend to fillet any poor sap who signs up just to say "Hey, visit!".


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