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April 10th, 2006, 3:15 am

Yet again, stuff

Sorry for the radio silence - I've been on Holiday in Cornwall (for those of you in the States, Cornwall is the most south-westerly point of the UK - for more information, Google yourself a map) and therefore just left the comic running on autopilot.

Unfortunately, due to budget constraints and whatnot, there will not be a TK comic this Friday in the usual style. I'm hoping to pull something together to hold place until I can get Friday's issue done.

I'm feeling bad right now because I just checked the Adventures of Darth Madolin, who's been running guest comics for the past three weeks, as I've mentioned before and most of you no doubt know, and I've now seen that she's used the second comic I drew - my handdrawn, spruced-up one. I feel bad about this because that means that out of three comics, two of them are mine, and that means that some poor so-and-so won't have had the chance of having their comic immortalised on someone else's vaguely popular website (let's face it - Kotor comics are hardly Penny Arcade standard, in terms of viewers). She was wise enough to call me by my real name, rather than calling me Totally Kotor or sommat similar again, so some people won't make the connection. If you're reading this and dissapointed that your comic didn't get a spot, I wholeheartedly apologise for stealing your limelight.

Scott Adams, the Dilber guy, once said something to the effect of "The problem with being a cartoonist is that every now and then, you inadvertedly kill people". This is hardly a life-threatening situation, but I still feel guilty.

Anyway, the comic's rolling, and from many people's comments on the Yuthura comic last week, I can tell that very few people actually read these news posts, so to find out exactly who bothers, I'm starting a competition - send an email to, and describe yourself, or your PC in a Kotor game, or whatever, and, provided your last name isn't Morrison (sorry guys, I'll explain later), I'll pop you in a comic.

I'm expecting one, maybe two emails, and both of them will be from Morrisons.

Anyway, I'm off to a Starwarsathon now at my friend's house (and guess what - there'll be a Morrison there! :P) and I'm already running a bit late, so later.


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