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April 19th, 2006, 6:24 am

Site Changes

Considering that half way through my two-week holiday, I ran out of pre-drawn comics and had to make them using a program I have at home, rather than at school, and considering that once I finish school in May, I won't be able to make any more TK comics ever, I have decided that I'm only going to post a new comic every Monday, Thursday and Friday. This means going from 5 a week to 3 a week, but considering I'm only planning on doing 100 comics in total anyway, you're not missing out, but rather I'm managing to make the comic last a bit longer. This change will start next week. It'll be as painful for you as it will be for me, believe me - it'll mean that my mind will be running a lot further ahead of the comic. Annoyance, but neccesary.

Another change I'm making is the size of each comic - the compression involved in my previous way of moving the comic for Flash, the program I draw it in, to Fireworks, the program I save the .png file in, meant that it ended up looking a bit rough around the edges. From now on, the panels will be bigger, and the images should be clearer. Yay.

I got all of three responses to my question for people to submit their character, and haven't managed to reply to their emails, but I will soon. My plan is, instead of picking between them, to line them up and kill them. If you guys have a problem with that, please let me know. I just think it'll be funny, but you may not like me executing people who are very much a part of you.

The Trekkies call these characters who die to prove the seriousness of the situation "Red-Coats", not because they're English, but because they wear red coats. There are very few red coats in England nowadays, possibly due to the fox-hunting ban.

Anybody else who'd like to apply to be a Redcoat, email me at the usual address - I'll tell you what - even Morrisons can apply. I like the idea of having Jacob eaten by a Rancor.

That's all I have to say today, except that if anybody feels like sending me money, email me and we can arrange some way of fiscal transfer.


G.S.P.C.G rep, April 19th, 2006, 8:43 am

Ive got it, have jacob vs Jolee in a talkathon. And then once hes been out talked have a rancor eat him or even better fem revan could force lighting him and then the rancor eats him or even better you could have general grievous as a guest star being eaten by a rancor and then jacob being eaten yep i think we have ourselves a plan.

kotor, April 19th, 2006, 3:02 pm

Dude - there are such things as punctuations, and you're allowed to use more than one per paragraph.

Otherwise, you'll have people thinking you dropped out of school or something :P

G.S.P.C.G rep, April 20th, 2006, 4:28 am

Okay I will use punctuation, see:
. , ? ! : ; '
And also I’m not the one who spelt monsters wrong.

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