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ยป News Archives - Sick

April 27th, 2006, 12:55 pm


Yup. Horribly sick. But that's life, so on we go.

We had a birthday party for my best friend yesterday, at my house, for no apparent reason. The little guy's 18 years old now - and already thinks he's over the hill. Poor guy. Personally, I expect I'll still be thinking of myself as a child when I'm 80 - if I live that long. No doubt a lifetime of computer games and webcomics will kill me before I'm 50.

I turn 18 on May 16th, for those who feel like sending me a card, or a present, some money, and such.

Ugh. Illness. Yukky.

I threw up five and a half times yesterday. Don't ask about the half, it's not pretty. Luckily I was able to control myself during the party, and I've not seen my stomach fluids yet today, but if possible I'll be staying off school tommorow. That means that, come Monday, I'll have run out of comics again, and will have to work hard from Tuesday onwards to make up for lost time (Monday's a bank holiday - free day off for no reason! Woo!).

Our heroes are tackling Kashyyyk faster than they've handled any other planet, and all that's left is Manaan, and, of course, a period on the Leviathon, which is basically a pre-imperial Star Destroyer. There will be a plot twist, but I'm going to work very hard to keep it spoiler free. This will mean that lots of people won't actually get the jokes once we get that far, but too bad for you, ya shoulda played the game by now!

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