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June 1st, 2006, 5:18 am

Help Wanted

So myself and my friends are now working on a Star Wars fanfilm. We bought the wood for lightsabers yesterday, and had a barrel of laughs hitting each other with the cut down sticks. We'll be buying costumes soon, too - well, the fabric to make the costumes at least. It'll be good. Hopefully.

However, while I can deal with the Lightsaber special effects, thanks to a wonderful computer program I've found called LightsaberMaker (Google it for more info), doing the space scenes is going to be slightly more tricky.

So if anyone here is good at creating CGI special effects and would like to help us out with our movie, please say so here or email me at

I don't expect anybody to actually offer, but maybe that's just me being cynical.


Chris (Guest), June 2nd, 2006, 5:16 am

Ah, you're working on a fanfilm? Good luck. me and my freinds tried to make one, but all they did when they were round 'helping with the script' was play on my PS2. We didn't even think of trying Space scenes.

If you need any ideas for Lightsabers and lasers, I suggest either Lightsabermaker (Like you said) or Flash, which works quite well too. I wish I could help out at all, but both my computer and non-computer drawing is, frankly, rubbish.

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